Cleopatra’s Needle

In my book The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar, I shared as much as I knew, seven years ago,  about these ancient love rites that spark up the inner elixirs which lead to wisdom, enlightenment and sovereignty.

What I wrote then is still valid, of course, and if you’re new to the subject, it will give you a good background into this teaching. But over time I’ve learned much more… and I will be sharing that new learning on this blog.

The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar by Annie Dieu-Le-Veut is available here on Amazon.

I’ve found that this shamanic practice is about the sort of sacred love that sparks the adoration of the Beloved.

It gives rise to a kind of blissful adoration, verging on awe, which suffuses the whole mind-body-spirit of the Womb Shaman. When this occurs, she is able to open her magnetic field and release a cornucopia of healing magical energies into the field of the man in her arms, making him Sovereign.

Throughout history, the women who practised this form of shamanism from behind the great thrones of phaorohs, kings and sultans, have had many different names, from hierodules and cuens to temple prostitutes and sacred whores. However, I came across another term for it the other day, Womb Shaman, which I think sums up that role much better. So I have set up this new blog, to share various aspects of womb shamans and womb shamanism.

Another term for this sacred love practice, which is used by Tantra practitioners, is  “the weave”. However, authetic womb shamanism is about so much more than just attending a tantra workshop over one weekend. Its practice permeates our whole life, with our ancestral spirits beginning the process of bringing us together with the Higher Self our Beloved in the Other Worlds long before we ever reach a point of being ready to meet with them in this one.

I have the feeling that this can even spread over lifetimes. We may be prepared to meet them over one lifetime, and then meet them in the flesh in the next one. And I believe this is where the notion of twin souls comes from.

But these teachings are not for the mildly curious. They are for those who may be already starting to experience something like this in their own lives, and who would like support in what they are feeling and experiencing… and all the new learnings we’re receiving from our spirits around these sorts of subjects.

The Song of the Womb

From all that, we learned that the universe is made of sound or resonance, and that what we experience is maya. We’ve learned through the study of cymatics that sound waves cause galaxies, and empires, of form and shape to rise and fall again within seconds, according to the music being played in the vicinity. We are cognisant that there is a primordial vibration that built our world. But did you also know that this holy sound, which creates, maintains and eventually destroys all that lives, is actually a love song?

The womb shaman transmits that love song through womb magnetics – a perfect frequency that is a light encoding of enchantment which “speaks to” the frequency of life, fertility and growth. It is the sound that sparks the creation to form – “in the beginning was the the Word” – that births new life, and new forms of consciousness, through a love song of celestial music which plays across the dimensions of all the worlds.

All this takes place when the womb shaman opens the magnetic floor in her Holiest of Holies, her sacrum, which happens automatically when she is in the throes of the ecstasy of Divine Love and adoration of her Beloved.

Why Cleopatra’s Needle?

There is so much more that I’ve been given, and continue to be given, on this subject … but it is not for the mildly curious. It is for those who may be already starting to experience something like this in their lives, and who would like support in what they are feeling and experiencing in their visions. And so that’s why I’ve set up a separate blog, Cleopatra’s Needle, for it here.

The term Cleopatra’s Needle is a reference to the stories of weavers and spinners and needlewomen who we find throughout what’s been given to us as our history, but what is really our mythology. Sacred love begins by perceiving and interacting with the Higher Self of the Beloved, through through the third eye… the eye of the needle.

In a recent article, I wrote about the weavers, who weave the Temporal Fabric of the Templum, just as the Norns in the Norse Eddas weave the Web of the Wyrd.

The Egyptian goddess Isis and her sister Nephthys are known as the Abuti, the two weavers. Another Egyptian goddess Tayt is the weaver of mummy wrappings and the prime symbol of Neith, the great goddess of culture and war, is a weaving shuttle.

The Egyptian queen Cleopatra worshipped Isis in her practice of Sacred Love Magic in which she expertly wove the destiny of her country into the Roman Empire at the time of Julius Caesar.

Womb Shamans like Cleopatra have always spun the Web of the Wyrd, and only Womb Shamans can change “reality”, by unpicking and reweaving or re-embroidering the weave of the Wyrd.

Ancient myths, in fact, are full of spinners and weavers, as in Sleeping Beauty, and the meaning is that we can spin our own reality in line with the greater alchemically-observed good, which Leonardo da Vinci showed he knew about in his painting Madonna of the Yarn Winder.

But we have to follow the weavers of our ancestors, in the shamanic journey, who will unwind and mete out the yarn of knowledge we need at the right time in our life story. If you are at the right time, then I hope you will find support for your path forward with this new blog, Cleopatra’s Needle. If so, please Subscribe.

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