Weaving the weave

Most people would be amazed to discover that so many old fairy stories, which we tell to our children, are yarns that were spun by the fairy godmothers or womb shamans of the past, with silver threads and golden needles, to hide the old lore of The Weave about sacred sex magic until the time was right for it to be revealed.

My feeling is that time is coming up soon, even if at first it can only be revealed to a select few who have the understanding, and I think this poem Hollow Bones, by Amara Bronwyn MacEachern, illustrates the revelatory process of The Weave perfectly.

We locked up our wisdom into our bones

And swallowed the keys.

They sank in our Rivers of Blood,

And we forgot the maps

Because we had to forget the Mysteries

To keep them safe.

We wove our hair into brooms

And swept over our paths,

And then burned the earth with our rage.

We didn’t teach our children;

It was the only way to protect them,

we thought.

But in them we planted seeds, seeds and keys

And told them stories and riddles and songs

With no roots, just tangled threads

That would take years to unwind,

Just enough time

For the rains to fall again

and put out the fires,

For the dams to break,

For the rivers to flood,

For the paths

to be walked again,

For the soil to breathe.

And as the old bones crumble

Deep beneath the rubble

We find we’ve always had the keys.

Our stories and our maps,

Our paths are revealed to some,

And the seeds grow again

The threads are unspun

And woven again.

Amara Bronwyn MacEachern, Hollow Bones

Over the coming weeks, months and how ever much time I have still allotted to me, I will be using this section, The Weave, to show how fairy stories carry the wisdom of the womb shamans, and the first one will be Cinderella.

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*The artwork above is The Spinning Wheel of the Norns by Hammerthreads on Deviant Art.

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3 thoughts on “Weaving the weave

  1. Yes, the time is now! It took me a long time to accept what I know, who I am, my purpose,….for so long I thought I was in early Alzheimer – and your book “Ishtar”, was a tremendous help. I’ve since been led to another very interesting book – while waiting for you to get into this subject deeper evidently, which is written very much in your style of history woven with story – and which also validated that ‘THERE ARE MORE LIKE ME OUT THERE’ who’s purpose is to hold the male & female flame alive while humanity works things out. Yes, the time is now for this subject to be shared with those who are struggling with an energetic that they can’t understand. Thank goodness I have a husband who altho he doesn’t consciously remember his past lives, he Does intuitively feel that something deep has been going on and he’s listening, expanding as I expand – just like you are expanding -, and is enjoying the fruits of that expansion which does impact so many different aspects of our lives. It’s absolutely delicious, Annie! Thank you!


    1. You’re so welcome, Susan. That’s good news to hear about your husband’s sensitivity and acknowledgement of your connection … it makes things so much easier when the men understand!


      1. It’s been a long road but it helps tremendously towards ones growth and acceptance when one knows that they are not alone and going bonkers!

        Liked by 1 person

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