Norman arches and politer vulvas

The featured picture above is Utroba Cave, otherwise known as Womb Cave, in the Rhodope Mountains of Bulgaria.

It shows the fruit of the Vesica Piscis or the vulva of Mother Nature (same thing), carved by hand out of rock, more than 3,000 years ago, as an entrance into this ritual centre for shamanic journeying and dreaming in the pitch darkness.

Vesica Piscis

Next time you enter through the arched doorway of an old church or cathedral, stop and think about it. They are just politer vulvas!

The ruins of Glastonbury Abbey

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1 thought on “Norman arches and politer vulvas

  1. If that doesn’t say volumes! In the moment of viewing, I say, who wants to get involved in the insanity of the world when there is so much grander and richer to behold….


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