History and Herstory

I set up a Herstory category on here on Cleopatra’s Needle because I think the story of the womb shamans, going back in time, and their spirit guides or goddesses, is an important one, and one that needs to be told. But I’m also creating this History category because it’s not as if the male side of the equation is any the less important.

I was reading a book called Womb Initiation the other day. I don’t recommend it because it’s incredibly Woke, which you have to be as an author these days if you want to be published by the mainstream publishing houses. They don’t seem to know about the alchemical underpinnings of how sacred love actually works.

On top of that, in this book, they insist that men have wombs, thus making a complete nonsense of the polarity necessary for the Divine Marriage to take place, in which polar opposites attract while like poles repel. It’s like breaking in half the Yin/Yang symbol to say that there is only Yin.

These people take eternal cosmological rules and just bend them to suit whatever story they want to tell themselves without even stopping to work out why they play a vital role in the creation.

When I first brought out the Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar, seven years ago, I got some interference from lesbians and male homosexuals. They were insisting that same sex couples could perform the Alchemical Marriage just as well as heterosexuals. Nowadays, it’s the trans lobby, telling me that men can have wombs, men can take part in women’s sports and men can use women’s loos because men are women too. This all runs so directly counter to how creation actually works that it can only be the creed of a Death Cult.

The whole matter is so imbecilic, I’m amazed that anyone needs to address it ….but here goes: it’s not that the man is left out of the Alchemical Marriage, but he is not supplying the womb part of it; he is supplying the long, stiff, pointy thing, which is equally vital to the whole process.

In old fairy tales and myths, the male is the hunter Prince who fights with his long, stiff, pointy thing through tangled briar rose forests and kills fire-breathing dragons who block his passage into the “castle” of the princess, or “holy grail”. I don’t think you have to be especially perceptive to understand that allegory. It’s basic 101.

So it doesn’t make any difference how many movies of reworked fairy tales they bring out with a female protagonist. If she’s born with a womb she’s a female, and – all else being equal – capable of being a womb shaman. No womb? Then your long, stiff, pointy thing means that you have a different but equally vital role to play. If you’ve had the long, stiff, pointy thing cut off, then I’m afraid I can’t help you.


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