Dove and serpent sex alchemy

Tomorrow marks the beginning of a highly potent moon rites festival for womb shamans that goes back for thousands of years. In Italy, it is called Nemoralia after the sacred Lake Nemi in whose holy waters the high priestesses of Diana would bathe in the moonlight, and the Vestal Virgins would carry their holy flames in procession into its waters that they believed represented the firmamental birthing pool of the Milky Way.

These sacramental waters are the elixirs that flow within the womb shaman when the dove descends from the Most High and the serpent uncoils upwards. When these two meet at the climax of divine love making, a magical phenomenon occurs that’s known in alchemy as the Marriage of the Sun and the Moon, and the fruit of their honeymoon bed is a huge toroidal vortex of energies that explode and fertilise and heal all within the vicinity of the couple.

The sex alchemy of the dove and serpent is almost certainly the original meaning of the story about Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden before it was bastardised from its original Aramaic form to become a priestly morality tale. It would have been about the highest form of love alchemy, that fertilises all life that it touches.

Cover of EP by Hosea Noiz of Bandcamp
Dove in the centre of the ouroboros
Alchemical drawing dated 1652. The frog – just like the one in fairy tales who turns into a prince – is always the precursor for this kind of sexual alchemy. The drops represent the firmamental waters that are released.

The dove in alchemy was sometimes called the Hermes bird, after Hermes who was the Greek Mercury, without whose vital catalyst no alchemical operation can succeed.

The Hermes Bird from Elias Ashmole’s Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum, 17th century.

The Christian church grafted the festival of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary on to the rites of the Nemoralia, but as you can see below, whether they were just unwittingly copying or actually had the understanding, the artists of the church kept the right alchemical symbols for sacramental love magic in their right places.

The Assumption of the Virgin Mary by Giovanna Battista Tiepola. Note the dove above and the serpent at her feet.

The term “virgin” originally meant a woman who bestowed her pleasures on the Most High through her partner, her twin flame. For Mary, the Most High, the man of god, was Gabriel. He was the Higher Self of her Earthly partner, Joseph. (For more on how this function works, see Twin Souls and Dream Lovers.)

The dove and the serpent were the focus of the rites of Mysteries of Eleusis that were held all around the Mediterranean around 4,000 years ago.

Those initiatory rites were two-fold. The Lesser Mysteries, which were held on the Spring Equinox, were about the water baptism of the dove … as appeared over the head of Jesus Christ at his water initiation in the river Jordan.

However, you may remember John the Baptist saying then that he only baptised with water, whereas “one will come who will baptise with fire”? This referred to the fire initiation of the Greater Mysteries of Eleusis, the serpent initiation, which always took place on the Autumn Equinox.

And perhaps Jesus was referring to these Mysteries when he said in Matthew 10:16. “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves”.

There is no tantric, yogic or breathing technique that can achieve this ecstatic state. It is a natural outcome of twin souls meeting and entwining in pure love and adoration. Their love for one another is the open sesame key, and it cannot be faked any more than an orgasm can be faked.

Afterwards, the initiated human being speaks “with the tongue of serpents.” That doesn’t mean that his or her words are always liked or agreed with … but they are of a quality to make people listen!

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16 thoughts on “Dove and serpent sex alchemy

  1. This makes me think of the Œra Linda Bœk. There is Fasta who speaks the law of the creator, but she has an order of Eerdmoder (earth mother, I believe) who bestow spiritual significance and such from their citadels. I wonder if there is some allegory there, whatever one feels of the literality of it all. Have you ever read the Oera Linda Book? I think it’s fascinating, and I can’t help but feel Fasta and her sisters are connected to the Vestal Virgins. Can’t remember if there were snake/bird motifs though.

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    1. No, I haven’t …. and I will check it out … But all ‘lind’ words in Anglo Saxon mean ‘dragon’ or ‘serpent’… if that helps?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Everything helps. 🙂 I think I have something in my archives about OLB, but if you should endeavour to read it on paper, you’ll knock it out of the park in an evening or two.

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            1. Yeah, as soon as I read the bit about Atland, I thought the same as you, that …”On the whole, scholarship indicates that the book is an attempt to syncretise Friesian history with Graeco-Roman mythology.” That doesn’t make it any the less valuable but it might not be as old as it purports to be. I still maintain ‘lind’, in this case, will have more to do with the dragon than the linden tree, and that family who guarded the book would likely have been one of the old Dragon clans, many of whose families were banished from Britain during the Puritan purges and who ended up becoming the founding fathers of America. They even supplied two of the earliest presidents: John Adams and John Quincy Adams. By the way, I was interviewed by Henrik on Red Ice Radio about shamanism. Did you hear it?

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            2. ” Often it has been remarked that Greece and Rome have Nordic foundations, before in their late hours a sweeping degeneration occurred…” No, all three races owe their DNA to the so-called Scythian tribes beyond the Caucasus Mountains.


            3. Were you now? I had not. I can only imagine this was before Red Ice took the plunge and started doing black reacts to the news? I miss their old interviews. I learned so much from them. I’d love to listen, if you have a link I’ll be glad to take it off your hands, if not I will find it.

              Would this inform our use of the coiled Serpent as a symbol, would you think? I’ve seen explanations that range from intriguing to insufferable, with normie history generally ignoring the oddity of it and passing no comment. I won’t lie. I’ve begun harbouring suspicions that under the Puritan gloss of my ancestors was something unchristian. After all, the first Morses used wicked, sinful English names and not the “jaw breaking Hebrew names” Lovecraft goes on about. In the late 1600s there were a few, which coincidentally go in hand with the uptick in religious censure. Anyway. Rant over. Likely not what you signed on for.

              I personally believe there may have been a cover up of Paganism or Gnosticism with things like the Oera Linda Book. Even here in New England we have Pagan stuff, admittedly sore imitations but inescapably Pagan. Whether forgeries or realities they betray a live “heresy.” And since nothing here evolved in a vacuum I can only imagine in Friesia there must have been clever concealment of hidden Rites. The OLB couldn’t be made without intimate Pagan knowledge, anymore than Maine’s Rune Stone which a curate once told me a tricky little swede did with a screwdriver. Alas alack.

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            4. ” In a highly Christianised era, adopting a past in which one had pre-eminent monotheism and superior morality might have made sense. There was an emphasis on Yule, and this would have been beneficial in that this was the vector through which the Germanics introduced Christmas, which as a rule was not a true tradition before the Germanic induction into Christendom.” Ooh no… but the “pagan” or druidic celebration was three days earlier on the Winter Solstice, and the celebration of that festival, based on the movements of the Sun, goes back thousands of years before Christianity.

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            5. At the time I wrote this I was working with a crowd that mixed Pagan, Christian and Atheist. I was more careful, in some ways then. I’m a free man now, though. Still, thanks for the pushback. One begins to worry when they go to long without being called to the carpet. Something about waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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            6. Alright, I’ll stop now. I can see you wrote this two years before you read my book Stories in the Stars, and probably lots more books as well, which might cause you to revise some of your ideas. But thanks for showing it to me.


            7. I’m afraid few of my ideas have remained static. Core elements remain, but the skin changes.

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            8. Astrology has never been my strong suit. Where I operate well is within symbology and etymology, which I’ll grant are surely intertwined.

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  2. The interview is behind Red Ice’s paywall, but it’s when I was under the pseudonym of Ishtar Babilu Dingir, so if you have a password you might be able to find it. Ah, I’ve found it.

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    1. Thank you. That your handle changed is why I didn’t find it myself, I think. Good stuff. Hour one took me through my gym time this morning.


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