Co-creating with the amniotic fluid of the universe

I’ve been understanding a lot more about water as a living entity in recent times. But the journey began for me decades ago when it dawned that I would always get my best inspiration in the bath. It was around the same time that I learned of Dr Emoto’s work with water. Then I gradually began to realise that my hands only had to touch water to receive the same benefit. In that way, I learned to listen to the messages that the water was giving me.

But it took longer for me to learn to speak back, and that’s when things started to get really interesting. It was like opening up the floodgates, no pun intended. But I began to learn so much that it’s difficult to know where to begin. So I’ll start at the end: the ultimate expression of the womb shaman is a form of magnetics that is a liquid song of love which fertilises every living thing it touches. I believe it is the esoteric meaning of the Birth of Venus, painted by Botticelli, as shown above. But in this article, I will be showing ways to make co-creating with water more easily understandable and accessible for everyone.

Suffice to say, water is reflective – it just mirrors back to us whatever our subconscious mind tells it. The subconscious mind, however, doesn’t speak English or any other written language. It communicates via symbols. So whatever symbols we project with our minds into our water when, say, in the shower or bath, resonates back to the roughly 60 per cent of liquids that make up our bodies, giving them a picture of the desired outcome which the intelligences of the body can then act upon.

This is how you set up a healing resonance with the amniotic fluid of universe, which, like a genie, responds to our wishes and our commands. But be warned, you only get out what you put in. So if you lie around in a warm bath worrying about a distopian future …well, guess what … you can fill in the rest. No, it’s important just to project positive, health-giving symbols and images, and I’ll be showing you some of those in this article.

But first, why is this practice so important for the womb shaman? Well, because it is a vital part of her co-creatrix powers.

The dream metaphor of the body is the house. We have to learn how to “build our own house” here on Earth with the materials available to us. And just like the wise of old, we need to build our house near a river, because water is so essential for life that it actually is life. Just as NASA has found in its search for habitable planets in our galaxy, no water means no life. And so if we want to stay healthy and alive for as long as is humanly possible, we must form a good relationship with water.

As I now understand it, at the beginning of our lives we’re given a certain allotment of time – a period of grace if you like. It’s a bit like being given £200 for passing Go in Monopoly. But just as in that game, once the £200 runs out, we are supposed to have learned how to accrue more, in order to stay in play. This much we are no longer taught. So our hospitals are full of those who, when you boil it down to the fundamentals of their disease, so often have failed to develop a relationship with their water, and so their waters are no longer working for them.

We find evidence of the importance of a close relationship with living waters in so many indigenous cultures. Not least, in the bathing rituals of the Vikings. I first learned about them in the book Icelandic Magic by Christopher Alan Smith, which I thoroughly recommend. The Vikings had bathing rituals which we can follow today. They understood the magical powers of projecting symbols into water that the water would then resonate back into their bodies. The Helm of Awe, for example, considered to be the ultimate in protective symbols – a psychic Viking shield if you like – was visualised as part of a ritual with water.

Another symbol that works well in bathing rituals is the Vesica Piscis. Here you’ll see a Vesica Piscis forged on the open lid of the Chalice Well in Glastonbury. When the lid is closed, it sends a message to the waters of the Red Spring down below. In that way, the Waters of Avalon are liquid messengers into the land that carry the meaning of the Vesica Piscis, which is the fruition of the Marriage of the Sun and Moon, and thus fertility.

The tradition of well dressing – to send messages to the waters – is still carried out in certain places today, like this one in Tissington in the Peak District. I don’t know if the well dressers were aware that the Wedding at Cana, where Jesus turned water into wine, was a Christian allegory for the Marriage of the Sun and the Moon.

But you don’t need to be a womb shaman to get into relationship with the amniotic fluids of the universe. Anyone who can project or visualise a love heart – which is shorthand for the Vesica Piscis symbol – can send a thought message into their water, or paint symbols on their water filters, or sing a song of love to their water in the bath.

Bathing rites and festivals

Sometimes, group bathing rituals take place at spiritual festivals, such as the Tibetan “Chabshuk Dhuichen”, which begins on September 9th and continues for a week.

This festival is marked by the appearance over the night horizon of the constellation they call the Seven Rishis, but which we call Ursa Major, or the Great Bear, which is coincidentally, the constellation associated with Arthur. Here is a snapshot of the early September night skies over the Mendip Hills in Somerset.

According to Geshe Choekhortshang Rinpoche:

“During this auspicious week, it is believed that the physician of god-realms comes to the Earth in the form of constellation “Rishi”. This special astrological constellation causes the natural water-sources on Earth to be transformed into nectar-like liquids.

“These liquids contain eight qualities; sweet, cool, soft, light, clear, clean, harmless to throat and helpful for stomach. Therefore, it is particularly beneficial to take baths on these days. Bathing during this festival washes away illnesses and heals body and cleans away obstacles and brings good fortunes.

“People also wash their clothes and drinks water from Natures. So, it is a purification ritual too. Enjoy a holy bath specially in the Nature such as a clean river, spring, pond, lake, sea and ocean, particularly in the night under the light of the star “Rishi”.

Sound waves as carriers of messages in water

This photograph by Shawn Picarsic shows water that has been exposed to cymatics – aka the vibration of sound waves.

By Shawn Picarsic

You probably already know that every single thing in the Universe has been built by sound. You might not know, however, that water hears and responds to sound more readily than any other element; sound waves travel through water more powerfully than they do through air. This is what makes singing in the bath or singing in the shower utterly transformative, at the level of mind-body-spirit healing. And singing in the rain!

So just imagine what wonderfully harmonious soundscapes we could gift to our shower water with our vocal chords, and what that shower water could reflect back to the water that makes up so much of our bodies. And then that water drains away into the groundwater below, carrying our messages of love, fertility, protection and peace out into the neighbourhood, the district and so on. It would be our own personal version of well-dressing.

But if all that sounds a bit too esoteric, we don’t have to go that far. We can just simply just start talking to our water as we would a friend; nothing more complicated than that. Our water just needs that acknowledgement that we are in a relationship with it.

We can make up our own bathing and washing rituals. I’m sure some of you already know all this and are in relationship with your water. If so, it would be great to hear from you. Please do leave a comment below to let us know how it’s working out for you.


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