The Grail Mysteries: Healing the Wounded Queens with the Thirteen Treasures of Britain. Introduction

Classic Grail literature, scribed by the Normans around the 12th century, concentrates on the Wounded King archetype – one which is immensely valuable for deep inner healing at the shamanic level. But I go back much further into the Celtic roots of these stories and so I will be describing, in a series of articles here, how to work magically with the Wounded Queen archetype because it is through Sovereignty rites that a Queen of the inner planes makes a wounded man into a King on Earth.

The doorways to the Enchanted Land of the Magical Queens is plain to see in my books and the keys to their locks are all there too for those who can recognise them. However, through lack of a proper education many today cannot recognise the keys or know what to do with them. So these articles will help you find them, and also teach you how to work magically with them yourself. This will enable you to develop your own connection to the spirit of Sovereignty of this land, which, in turn, will empower and enlighten you to realise your own inner Queen.

I have forged a shamanic path for you to follow around a highly potent magical device that is delineated by thirteen huge earthworks which sit in a faery circle of about 30 miles round. It is found on the green mantle of the Sacred Heart of the Blessed Isles, otherwise known as the Glastonbury Temple of the Stars because each of the thirteen earthworks marks the place on the Earth where its twin, mirrored celestial effigy falls. It was first discovered by Katharine Maltwood in 1934, who used aerial photographs to trace how the outlines of each of these thirteen “giants” arise out of the landscape, drawn by streams, rivers, lanes and boundaries of fields.

The main narrative theme that runs through my latest book, Book III of the Glastonbury Chronicles: The Grail Mysteries, is that of a Queen who has been wounded to the point of numbness and forgetfulness, and we follow her healing path to rememberance and self-realisation through the teachings of the Mysteries of the Holy Grail. But running concurrently and twisting through her journey we also follow another adventurous quest – that of the voyage of Myrddin (Merlin) and the Company of the Grail on the golden serpent ship Wave Sweeper, the purpose of which is to bury the Thirteen Treasures under the earthworks of the Temple of the Stars, in order to protect the Sovereignty.

I live on on one of those thirteen earthworks and all my writings are very much inspired by the spirits of this land.  I am on the wing of the Phoenix, although you may have heard of this  part of the faery ring  as Glastonbury.  However, you may not have been told that, in olden times, its name was Ynis Witrin which meant ‘the Isle of Glass’.  In ancient Celtic myths, the giant Bran gifts Myrddin the Thirteen Treasures of Britain to store for safe-keeping in the House of Glass. The Phoenix flies under the stars of Aquarius – so what better magical work could we be involved in, in helping to bring through the Age of Aquarius?

If you’ve already read The Grail Mysteries, then you’ll be familiar with the full extent of the imagery, colours and symbols that I use for specific effigies, and will know that each one has meaning – right down to what the characters involved in the quest are experiencing mentally and emotionally.  I also use plotlines and dialogue to explain the real meaning of the Holy Grail and how it relates to Sovereignty. This work is valuable for both men and women as we all need to heal the rupture within between the divine male and female archetypes, and to bring them together in what medieval alchemists called the Marriage of the Sun and the Moon.

You can work with the material in this series both inwardly and outwardly –  as Above, so Below. In other words, you can use shamanic journeying or visualisation techniques to find this magical kingdom in your own inner space. Or you can actually walk upon “England’s mountains green” with your own feet and perform your own Earth magic. Either way, I will give you all the maps and signposts you need for both inner and outer landscape journeying.

So if you’re ready, please get onboard – Manwyddan’s golden dragon ship, Wave Sweeper, is about to leave!

Here’s the first instalment:

The Grail Mysteries: Part 1 – Healing the Wounded Queens with Fragarach, the Sword of Truth

You can buy The Grail Mysteries here on Amazon in the UK, or from Amazon in your own country as well as most other good online bookstores.

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