Moving …

Just to let you know that I will soon be closing down this blog, Cleopatra’s Needle. I’m in the process of moving all the articles from here on to my main blog, Shaman of Avalon. You are very welcome to join me there, and subscribe to that blog to get notified of new posts. You’ll find the posts from Cleopatra’s Needle in Sacred Sex Magic in the top menu of Shaman of Avalon.

Thank you so much for following me here and I hope to see you again at my main blog!

6 thoughts on “Moving …

  1. Godspeed! Your writing has given me a lot to mull over, both book on shelf and blog in hand. Thank you!


      1. You more than likely know, but your writing is a rare blend. There aren’t many channeling your chosen material, mixing sense and pragmatism with mysticism, in a tribal lens.


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