These writings are those of Annie Dieu-Le-Veut, author of books on shamanism, sacred love magic, dragon mysteries and fairy lore, including The Glastonbury Chronicles.

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About Cleopatra’s Needle

The Weave

Read all Annie’s latest writings on sacred love and sacramental shamanic sex.

Sacred Art

Learn how our ancient ancestors left clues in their sacred sites about sex magic.

Fairy Tales

Unravel old myths to find that they are so often about love magic and sacred sex.

Love Alchemy

Understand the alchemical dynamics of sacred love in the rites of sex magic.


Realise how the vital role of the male is hidden in myths, arts and sacred sites.


Discover how the womb shaman has initiated kings, pharaohs and sultans down the ages.

The practice of the womb shaman is about sacred love that, through the ecstasy of the inner fire, sparks an adoration for the Beloved. It gives rise to a kind of bliss that verges on awe, and which suffuses the whole mind-body-spirit. When she reaches the peak, the woman is able to open the magnetic field in her sacrum and release a cornucopia of healing magical energies into the field of the man in her arms, making him Sovereign.

Throughout history, the women who practised this art from behind the great thrones of the pharaohs, kings and sultans have had many different names, from hierodules and cuens to temple prostitutes and sacred whores. The Egyptian queen Cleopatra worked magically with Isis and her hawk-headed son, Horus, and so this website is dedicated to her name.

Another term for this magical love practice – also sometimes called tantra – is The Weave, and so that is the title of the section I’ve created on here to house all my writings on the subject.

However, authentic womb shamanism is about so much more than just attending a tantra workshop over a weekend. Its practice permeates our whole life, with our ancestral spirits beginning the process of bringing us together with the Higher Self of our already-decreed Beloved in the Other Worlds long before we reach the point of being ready to meet with them in this one.

Sacred love begins by perceiving and interacting with the Higher Self of the Beloved, through the third eye… the eye of the needle.

This process can take lifetimes. We may only engage with our lover’s Higher Self in this life, and then meet them in the flesh in the next one. This is probably where the notion of twin souls comes from, and it certainly would explain the phenomenon of ‘love at first sight’.

But these teachings are not for the mildly curious. They are for those who may be already starting to experience something like this in their own lives, and who would like support in what they are feeling and experiencing… and all the new learnings we’re receiving from our spirits around these sorts of subjects.


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